Melown Technologies provides a range of geospatial services, from aerial surveys, 3D reconstruction and photogrammetry, web-based distribution and visualization, to providing ready to use data products. Welcome to 21st-century photogrammetry.

Why work for us?

Our team is the place where you can grow, work in a truly inspiring and appreciative environment, earn decent money and take pride at what you do. As our business progresses we will provide equity options to our employees.

Who we are looking for?

You are a person with extraordinary talent and exceptional attitude. You can come up with brilliant ideas and turn them into workable concept-proofs, prototypes, and eventually, production-quality code. You have the humbleness which is a prerequisite to true excellence. You love science but seek practical ends rather than academic fame. You can work independently and have proven examples of previous work. You are based near Prague or are willing to relocate.


Our common working hours are between the hours of 10 and 16, where we ask everyone to be around so that we can use the collective brainpower to further our efforts. We keep meetings to a minimum, instead of only talking about what we want to do, we actually just go and do it. Some of the team like to stay late enough to even have dinner in the office, but it's not a requirement.

Open positions

Computer Vision Developer (C++)

You are a senior C++ developer with an interest in applied math who seeks a challenging project. Our state of the art structure-from-motion pipeline for processing 2D images into 3D models offers countless creative opportunities for advanced engineering. We are looking for the best.

C++, computer vision, structure from motion, multiple-view geometry, linear algebra, computational geometry, pattern recognition and image processing, CUDA/OpenCL, Linux

System Administrator (UNIX/Linux)

Your responsibility will be to plan, build and operate a Linux cluster of computational nodes with a large network data storage. The main goal is to maintain the cluster at its peak performance and minimize downtime. Nodes will be managed by you from hardware and OS perspective.

You are a natural in UNIX/Linux waters and love to come up with unconventional, efficient and costs-saving setups. You are not afraid of challenges and you remain level-headed when tackling them.

Recognise yourself in following? Contact us!

  • Perfect knowledge of Linux systems on administration level.
  • Knowledge how to handle HW.
  • Experience with data storage systems and solutions.
  • Good knowledge and experience with computer networks.
  • Responsible and eager to get things done, up and running.
  • Level-headed personality.

Linux, Bash, Hardware, Computer Networks, Data Storage

Photogrammetric System Operator

Your responsibility will be to operate a distributed photogrammetric software. You will schedule processing, oversee the progress and evaluate results. You will organize the data storage, work with a MySQL database, simplify your work using scripts and design workflow optimizations. You will encounter GIS tools like QGIS, GDAL or Proj4.

You have a good knowledge of Linux systems. You are well organized, systematic and deliberate. You don't need to know everything already, but you are keen to learn.

In Melown Technologies you will encounter a small team composed of the best professionals in the field. We won't bore you with bureaucracy and we can promise you, your work will be challenging. But don't worry, we will give you a hand when it's needed.

Recognise yourself in following? Contact us!

  • At least 1 year of experience as GIS specialist or similar position.
  • Knowledge of geospatial data processing.
  • User experience with QGIS or similar tool.
  • Experience with Linux, Bash or Python.
  • Systematic, well organized and deliberate.

Linux, Bash, SQL, Python, GDAL, QGIS

Senior System Developer

We are looking for a senior C++ developer/programmer with min. 3 years of experience in system programming and algorithmic optimizations, with perfect knowledge of Linux systems and a passion for challenging tasks.

You are keen to willingly dig into deep corners of our algorithms and come up with ideas and solutions on how to make them faster and more efficient. Terms like algorithmic complexity, threads and caching are well known to you. Your programs are well-structured and even when implementing various tweaks and fixes you rather strengthen this structure than destroy it. Your mind can't find peace until a program works in the most efficient manner possible.

Recognise yourself in following? Contact us!

  • Deep knowledge of Linux systems architecture.
  • 3 years of experience with modern C++ and system programming.
  • Excellent knowledge of memory models, multithreaded programming and system resources.
  • Good at hardcore optimizations and algorithm analysis.
  • Compiled the Linux kernel at least once :)

C++, Boost, Linux, System architecture, Concurrency programming, Memory models, Optimization, Bash

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