Martina Bekrová, Team Lead ML / AI

Behind the pretty pictures, there is a real world. Every human can easily tell a house from a tree. Martina is delving deep into deep learning in order to pass these skills on to Vadstena 3D reality-capture system, to discover the meaning behind pixel values.

By Martina Bekrová
August 4, 2020

Vadstena: Automatic LOD2 Building Extraction

LOD2 building models is now one of the outputs for every dataset processed by Vadstena 3D Reality Capture. The LOD2 includes footprint, the roof shape, and height of reconstructed buildings.

By Martina Bekrová
September 17, 2018

Vadstena: AI-based Automatic Land Cover

Geospatially accurate land cover, in the form of georeferenced GeoTIFFs, utilitizing a fixed 8-bit palette of 25 land-cover classes, now forms a standard part of Vadstena's output, obtained automatically for any Vadstena-processed dataset.