VTS Geospatial

Since 2012, Melown Technologies has specialized in mass-scale computer vision-based modeling of urban and natural landscapes from aerial imagery. As a major part of this process, we have developed an advanced 3D visualization technology which allows interactive web-based rendering of these landscapes, from street-level detail to planetary scale.

The streaming and rendering stack, codenamed VTS, has since been extended to include a native C++ client library and massively powerful server-side data fusion functionality. VTS is not a mere JS library and not a mere geospatial data server; rather, it is a fully integrated rendering and visualization stack providing everything needed to travel the long road from server-side data storage to the client browser or desktop.

The entire VTS 3D geospatial software stack is open source under BSD 2-clause license. It comprises six main projects with over 20 supporting repositories. These include web and desktop rendering libaries, C++-based backend data streaming servers, and server-side data fusion tools for various types of geospatial data. These components allow you to operate a unique full-stack 3D visualization platform on your own infrastructure.

VTS technical documentation is available on a separate website.