Tomáš Malý, Software Engineer / 3D graphics UX consultant

Tomáš's expertise lies in computer graphics. His responsibility is vts-browser-cpp, the C++ client library forming part of the VTS 3D Geospatial Software stack. The library is cross-platform, and cross-form-factor and its applications include the Unity plugin, currently available in the Unity asset store.

By Tomáš Malý
August 21, 2020

Get started with VTS Landscape Streaming Plugin for Unity

A tutorial how to create a Unity project using VTS Landscape Streaming Plugin, which allows developers to create the most realistic 3D world in Unity 3D. The tutorial includes several Unity demo games, including a link to the source codes.

By Tomáš Malý
August 12, 2020

VTS Browser C++: unleash the full power of VTS rendering

The VTS-Browser-CPP is a multiplatform lightweight C++ client library, adding more variability and operability to VTS Geospatial. The VTS-Browser-CPP library has been in development for several years now and is a stable and well-supported part of VTS Geospatial.