Ivo Lukačovič, Co-Founder

Ivo is a Czech serial entrepreneur, renown as the founder and sole shareholder of, a leading Central European media and technology company. More recently, Ivo has left his mark as the creator of, the world's fastest growing global weather forecast service. Ivo co-founded Melown Technologies in September of 2011.

Ondřej Procházka, Co-Founder & CEO

Ondřej co-founded Melown Technologies in September of 2011 and was the first contributor to the Melown Technologies codebase. Despite recently moving on to other responsiblities, he continues to be involved in day-to-day operation of the company as a visionary, strategic planner, mentor, and above all, an occasional software engineer.

Business Development

Jan Sirotek, Business Development Director

Jan is responsible for Melowntech's sales and business-development activities. He is exploring potential partnerships and inventing synergies to foster the utility of Melowntech's products in different areas from mapping, AR/VR, gaming, to military and defence industries.

R & D

Jakub Červený, R & D Director, Vadstena

Jakub​ ​is a software engineer, a mathematician and a computational scientist.​ Jakub used to work for Bohemia Interactive Simulations. ​Now​ he​ divides​ ​ his​ ​ time between​ ​ Melown​ ​ Technologies,​ ​ where​ ​ he​ designs and​ develops​ ​Vadstena​ ​3D reality-capture system,​ ​ and​ ​ Lawrence​ ​ Livermore​ ​ National Laboratory.

Václav Blažek, Senior Software Engineer, Vadstena & VTS

Václav is a prolific engineer, experienced data architect and the biggest single contributor to Melowntech's codebase. He authored large parts of Vadstena 3D reality-capture system and takes credit of much of its performance and scalability. Václav also authored the streaming servers which form the backend of VTS 3D geospatial software stack.

Martina Bekrová, Machine Learning Specialist, Vadstena

Behind the pretty pictures, there is a real world. Every human can easily tell a house from a tree. Martina is delving deep into deep learning in order to pass these skills on to Vadstena 3D reality-capture system, to discover the meaning behind pixel values.

David Levínský, Senior Software Engineer, VTS

Former game developer and author of the first major WebGL based raster image editors, David has long since pushed the envelope of web-based computer graphics. Within Melown Technologies, David is a key contributor to the vts-browser-js, the JavaScript client library forming part of VTS 3D Geospatial Software Stack.

Tomáš Malý, Computer Graphics Engineer, VTS & Unity

Tomáš's expertise is computer graphics. His responsibility is vts-browser-cpp, the C++ client library forming part of the VTS 3D Geospatial Software stack. The library is cross-platform and cross-form-factor and its applications include the Unity plugin, currently available in the Unity asset store.


Ladislav Horký, Head of Photogrammetry

Ladislav is the person in charge of all 3D mapping projects carried out in Melown Technologies. As such, he is both an expert in the subtleties of Vadstena, Melowntech's 3D reality-capture system, and a power user of VTS geospatial software stack.

Tomáš Kavan, Managing Director

Tomáš started in Melown Technologies as a software developer, but today he is more concerned with organizational matters. He runs the company's Prague office, keeps its books and deals with hiring and recruiting. He also runs the company's IT operations, including development and production servers and the VTS content-distribution network. Additionally, Tomáš routinely represents Melown Technologies at trade fairs and conferences.

Magdalena Steiner, QA & Data Management

GIS specialist by background, Magdalena handles QA of Melowntech's online products. She also manages the process of creating and maintaining training datasets for our AI-based systems, and provides manual input to Melown Photogrammetry such as GCPs.


Veronika Štumbauerová, Office Manager

Since December 2018, Veronika has been working in Melowntech's Prague office as an Office Manager.