Melown Photogrammetry

Melown Photogrammetry is a global 3D mapping service.

We create high resolution 3D digital models of urban and natural landscapes, for Web-based VR, for GIS and CAD, for AR and gaming.

Melown Photogrammetry is an end to end service provided for locations across the globe. Whether you are a municipality, real estate company, holiday resort operator, urban developer, civil engineering company or a military agency, whether you need to present, analyze, develop or simply impress, we provide you with a service to map your world, in true 3D.

Melown Photogrammetry is based on Vadstena 3D reality-capture system.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Melown Photogrammetry workflow?

You contact us and identify your area of interest and desired ground resolution. We check the availability of suitable aerial imagery for your area of interest and provide you with a quote and delivery date. Once you give a green light for processing we obtain the aerial imagery, turn it into a true 3D map and deliver it to you.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

Short answer: days to weeks, months in rare cases. Long answer: Multiple factors determine the delivery date, the most important being the availability of suitable aerial imagery. If no suitable imagery is available an aerial survey needs to be performed bringing in factors such as season and weather.

Can you map any area on Earth?

We work with content partners on five continents. Some areas are off legal or physical limits, some places are dangerous and some mapping jobs are not yet feasible or beyond the point of prudence. That said, chances are we will be able to cover most areas of interest on the planet.

How much does it cost?

The price of a true 3D map depends on multiple factors, including availability of aerial imagery for your location, desired ground resolution and area covered. To accomodate for all these considerations we provide our clients with separate quote for each order. Please contact us for details.

I already have aerial imagery for my region of interest. Can you process it?

Sure. Note, however, that visually appealing true 3D reconstructions come with specific data set requirements. We work with our content partners to assure quality standards for 3D mapping. Bringing your own imagery can cut your costs but you need to meet the same standards for this to work.

What is a true 3D map and how can I use it?

A true 3D map is an interactive visualisation of your area of interest, working in any modern web browser. You link to it or you directly embed it into your website. If you decide to use our cloud service for data hosting and distribution, embedding and sharing a true 3D map is as easy as point and click. We use a professional grade CDN for global content distribution so this is a very fast and robust option. Alternatively you can download the true 3D map and host it on your own website or use it completely offline.

What other products can I get from Melown Photogrammetry?

Should you need to put the 3D map to specific offline use, the textured mesh is made available in Wavefront OBJ format. For our customers who use the data for GIS and engineering, we provide a host of other information for your area of interest: a georeferenced heightfield in GeoTIFF format, an XYZ pointcloud, and a georereferenced orthophotomap.

How do I obtain the result?

If you use our global cloud service for data distribution you simply recieve a unique link for each dataset. Additionally, the result and all accompanying data are made available to you for download via FTP.


The photogrammetry service is a highly complex thing with many variables and inputs; and so is the pricing. The price depends on multiple factors, including the availability of aerial imagery for the targeted location, desired ground resolution, and area covered. In spite of the complexity, we make the pricing process smooth and efficient. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.