Photogrammetry: Melown’s Photogrammetry Output Available as I3S

December 8, 2017

Melown Photogrammetry output format VEF can now be converted into OGC Community Standard Scene Layer Packages (SLPK) and used as a I3S service. This opens a multitude of possibilities for integrating large-scale 3D models into GIS workflows through existing commercial GIS solutions, namely ESRI ArcGIS products.

Georeferenced 3D models are becoming an indispensable resource when it comes to complex GIS visualizations, urban planning, landscape surveys and similar tasks. We have adopted I3S and SLPK as one of Melown Photogrammetry output formats to supply 3D models that can be used out-of-the-box for such tasks.

The Indexed 3D Scene Layer (I3S) is an ESRI-maintained open standard for containers capable of holding arbitrarily large amounts of 3D geographic data. I3S works as a web service with Scene Layer Package (SLPK) as its off-line counterpart and bulk data transport format.

Feel free to test your workflows with our 3D model of a Czech village of Jenstejn which we made available for this purpose under CC BY-NC 3.0 license. The I3S web service for this model is accessible at This URL can be directly used in ArcGIS Scene Layers or Portal for ArcGIS.

Melown Photogrammetry is an end to end service creating high-resolution 3D digital models of urban and natural landscapes. We specialize in large-scale city-wide or country-wide mapping projects. Some of our results are visible in our showcase and the result of our largest project so far, the country-wide 3D model of the Czech Republic made for is visible on website.

Ladislav Horký

Ladislav is the person in charge of all 3D mapping projects carried out in Melown Technologies. As such, he is both an expert in the subtleties of Vadstena, Melowntech’s 3D reality-capture system, and a power user of VTS geospatial software stack.
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