Vadstena: Check out the Example Dataset

February 6, 2019

An example 72-hectare 5 cm dataset, processed by Vadstena 3D reality-capture software system, is now available for download and evaluation. The freely-available dataset comes complete with textured 3D mesh, orthophotomap, DEM, AI-based landcover, in a diverse set of industry-standard output formats.

Vadstena is a fully automatic, state-of-the-art 3D reality-capture software system, developed by Melown Technologies. From a single set of aerial images, Vadstena produces a geometric 3D model, orthoimagery, DEM and land cover in a single, unified, automatic process.

AOI of example dataset, GCP (blue) and GQP (red) placement.

The example dataset is based on one of our recent 3D mapping projects carried out in central Bohemia. The area of interest was flown with fixed-wing UAV at low altitude, creating a high-overlap, near-nadir dataset of 1042 12 Mpx images at 5 cm nominal GSD. To georeference the model, a total of 10 ground-surveyed points were obtained using the VRS technique with 0.016 m mean accuracy in XY plane and 0.025 m mean accuracy in Z. Six of these points were subsequently used as ground control points (GCP) in adjustment in Vadstena and four points were used as ground control quality check points (GQP) to verify the quality of georeferencing. Upon the adjustment, the horizontal (XY) root mean square error on GQPs was found to be 0.049 m and the vertical (Z) root mean square error on GQPs was found to be 0.073 m, yielding 0.096 m horizontal and 0.143 m vertical accuracy at 95 percent confidence level.

Processing with Vadstena 3D reality-capture system yielded true 3D textured mesh, DSM, DTM, orthophoto and AI-based land cover with 25 classes. The true 3D textured mesh was exported to various industry-standard formats: VEF suitable for desktop 3D modeling, VTS tileset usable in 3D streaming and rendering, ESRI SLPK for use in ESRI products, OGC 3D Tiles, and as a GLTF asset. The raster data is available in GeoTiff format.

All outputs may be downloaded from Vadstena product page. Interactive visualizations of the results are available ibid.

Ladislav Horký

Ladislav is the person in charge of all 3D mapping projects carried out in Melown Technologies. As such, he is both an expert in the subtleties of Vadstena, Melowntech’s 3D reality-capture system, and a power user of VTS geospatial software stack.
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