VTS: Our Intergeo app and how we created it

October 16, 2016

It’s this time of year again when people from all over the globe swarm up on an international event called Intergeo. For those of you who have no clue what the event is, let’s simplify it by saying it is for anyone who – in some way – measures our planet and uses these data in real life. And since we are creating astounding 3D maps rendering engine it was our moment to get the booth up and running.

We decided to create a simple app showing how easy it is to use Melown API. This app consists of two main elements: 3D Map and Panel with places you can visit. When you click on any of those places the 3D map starts to pitch, yaw and roll, creating an amazing fly-over to the selected location. Upon arrival the camera starts slowly rotating around the center of view, creating natural visual experience. Check it out here.

Jan Sirotek

Jan is responsible for Melowntech’s sales and business development activities. He is exploring potential partnerships and inventing synergies to foster the utility of Melowntech’s products in different areas from mapping, AR/VR, gaming, to military and defence industries.
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