Come See Us at FOSS4G 2018!

July 27, 2018

Without the free and open-source software (FOSS), there would not be the geospatial industry as we know it, and there is no bigger event in the open-source geospatial community than the annual FOSS4G conference. If geospatial is your thing, chances are you might be in Tanzania this week, in the vibrant coastal city of Dar es Salaam.

To us at Melown Technologies, FOSS4G 2018 is a reminder that we are, by and large, an open-source company. Major part of our codebase is open-source, and we are proud to be the only company currently providing a feature-rich, mature, fully open-source 3D-map streaming and rendering stack, with many different modes of operation, including a possibility of an off-grid, air-gapped deployment (in fact there is more to our open-source activities than geospatial, but more about that some other time).

Last year’s global FOSS4G event took place in Boston, Massachussets mere months after VTS open-source release, and our presence at that event was modest. In Boston, Ondřej gave an introductory overview of VTS and its capabilities which is still largely relevant today.

Since that time, VTS has come quite a long way. Accordingly, FOSS4G 2018 will feature an extensive array of VTS-related talks, each of them with a deeper and narrower focus. And Vadstena will make an impression as well, as Ladislav will present a semantic model of the Dar es Salaam city center in one of his talks.

Here is the complete list:

August 29
11:00AmboniLadislav3D Geospatial Application Development with no Internet Access
11:30Museum SmallOndřejBeyond Pretty Pictures: Topographic Labels in 3D Maps of High Terrain
August 30
16:30AmboniLadislavVTS: Getting Started with 3D Map Application Development
17:00AmboniTomášLarge-scale, Country-wide VHR Photogrammetric 3D Mapping
17:30AmboniLadislavServer-side Data Fusion in 3D Mapping with VTS
17:30NgoroNgoroTomášBeyond Latin Glyphs: Advanced System for Rendering Texts in 3D Maps
August 31
13:00MikumiOndřejAlien Worlds: 3D Maps of Celestial Bodies with VTS

FOSS4G is a special event with a special atmosphere. As Tom Ingold from Boundless aptly put it:

Excited to be starting one of my favorite weeks of the year! Foreign travel + code + great community — what’s not to love? #FOSS4G— Tom Ingold (@TIBoundless) August 25, 2018

We couldn’t agree more. Karibu sana, and enjoy yourselves. We will see you around.

Jan Sirotek

Jan is responsible for Melowntech’s sales and business development activities. He is exploring potential partnerships and inventing synergies to foster the utility of Melowntech’s products in different areas from mapping, AR/VR, gaming, to military and defence industries.
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