Ladislav Horký, Head of Operations

Ladislav is the person in charge of all 3D mapping projects carried out in Melown Technologies. As such, he is both an expert in the subtleties of Vadstena, Melowntech's 3D reality-capture system, and a power user of VTS geospatial software stack.

By Ladislav Horký
February 6, 2019

Vadstena: Check out the Example Dataset

An example 72-hectare 5 cm dataset, processed by Vadstena 3D reality-capture software system, is now available for download and evaluation. The freely-available dataset comes complete with textured 3D mesh, orthophotomap, DEM, AI-based landcover, in a diverse set of industry-standard output formats.

By Ladislav Horký
September 12, 2017

Cloud: How to use Agisoft Photoscan with Melown Cloud

Melown Cloud provides a simple way to present your Agisoft PhotoScan model in a web browser complete with surrounding terrain, Bing Maps aerial imagery and OpenStreetMap labels.

By Ladislav Horký
August 11, 2017

Photogrammetry: 79,000 sqkm. 95,000 Nadir Images. One 3D Map.

In a joint effort with, Melown Technologies has carried out arguably one of the largest 3D mapping projects ever done, covering the entire Czech Republic with a photogrammetric 3D map created from 12.5cm/px nadir imagery, with select portions based on 10cm/px oblique imagery.

By Ladislav Horký
July 14, 2017

VTS: True3D City Models Overlaid with Cadastral Survey Vectors

In this tutorial we combine 3D data of a Czech village Jenštejn that we made available for this purpose with both raster and vector cadastre provided by State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre (ČÚZK).